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So what’s so great about these bulbs? Well these fog bulbs offer three functions in one. They work as fog lamps, DRL’s (daytime running lights) and also offer assisted cornering all in one fantastic product. By installing these fog lights you’ll benefit from low energy consumption, automatic operation (thanks to intelligent regulation) and a 5 year guarantee. 
Other features include: 
Homogenous light, without light points 
Lens resistant against gravel impact 
Easy installation 
Suitable replacement for almost all modern fog lights 
Suitable for 12 V and 24 V on-board power supply systems 
LED fog light with daytime running light functionality 
Lightguide solution with high-quality LED technology 
Long lifetime: up to 5000 hours 
Certified according to ECE, SAE, CCC regulations and IP homologated 
OEM technology 
Type of protection: IP67 
ECE E1 approval 
ECE R19/R87 approval Reduce text