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Pioneer DEH-4800FD

The exclusive Class-FD circuitry, developed by Pioneer, is designed to deliver the best possible audio quality, combined with a tremendous amount of output power.  
The innovative design is also able to dissipate heat in an effective manner, allowing the amplifier to stay cool and run stable, even when driven to its full potential. 
The DEH-4800FD offers extensive USB connectivity options. iPod/iPhone Direct Control and MTP for Android smartphones are now standard. 
Plays CDs and CD-R / CD-RW, MP3, WMA, WAV from CD-R / CD-RW/ USB 
Max. Power Output - 100W x 4 
Removable Front Panel 
Display Illumination - Wider VA 13 Character LCD Display 
Button Illumination - Red Button Illumination 
Android Ready 
iPod Ready 
Works with iPhone 
Front Aux In 
Front USB 
2 x RCA Pre Out