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Vibe SLR12TA-V2

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Vibe have created this totally unique, sealed enclosure with 12" Slick subwoofers fitted as standard. The SLR enclosure has been tuned by the VIBE R&D department to ensure that it gets the ultimate sound out of the chosen woofers. The design maximises transient response ­ in other words it reduces the negative effects that bass enclosure design can have on the performance of the subwoofer itself. The shape of the enclosure allows a smaller footprint taking up less space than conventional enclosures.  
The built-in powerful amplifier ensures the subwoofer is driven to perfection with deep smooth bass. 
For the first time in the Slick range VIBE Audio’s patented flared TurboPort technology gives smooth clean airflow for enhanced, punchy bass response 
PowerBox Amplifier 
Active enclosures have an integrated amplifier. VIBE’s PowerBox Bass amplifiers are perfectly matched to get the best possible performance from the Slick subwoofer and enclosures combination. They feature bass boost for those who want to push their subwoofers even further. 
Slick Loaded 
Thanks to an all new composite paper cone we’ve been able to create a SLICK subwoofer capable of fast, punchy, tight bass. 
Active: Integrated PowerBox Amplifier 
Speaker Size: 2 x 12″ (323mm) 
800 watts RMS 
2400 watts PEAK 
Frequency Response: 25Hz-1.5KHz 
Wiring Kit included 
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