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Gazer H714

The Gazer H714 is the smallest HD-DVR on the car electronics market today. Thanks to its ultra-compact size and a 3M mount integrated into the enclosure, the Gazer H714 is virtually invisible from the outside and inside the car.
Technical features: 
Records 1280x720 videos at 30 frames per second, highly informative video footage with a high level of detail. The viewing angle of the Gazer H714 camcorder is 140°. Such a wide-angle lens allows you to "see" the whole road, including the adjacent lanes. 
The Gazer H714 model has a loop recording function. As the space on the memory card fills up, the DVR finds the earliest recorded video, deletes it and saves the new video instead. This allows you to record video continuously. 
At the same time, the Gazer H714 has the function to protect the recorded video files against overwriting. This function is activated automatically when the G-sensor is triggered, it can also be activated manually by pressing a corresponding button on the DVR enclosure. In any of these cases, the current video is protected against overwriting, and the most significant fragments will not be lost. 
Recording videos after the engine has stopped is an important feature of the Gazer H714. When the engine is turned off, the DVR starts recording at 10 frames per second. This ensures that the memory card space is used efficiently. The desired DVR operation time is set in the "Off Timer" menu item and can range from 1 hour to 2 days. At the same time, the Gazer H714 has the minimal system voltage control function. As soon as the specified level is reached, the DVR shuts down. This makes it possible to prevent the vehicle's battery from discharging to a critical level after which it will be impossible to start the car engine. 
The parking mode is indicated in the menu and intended for video recording in a parked car. When switched to this mode, the DVR stops recording video immediately after the ignition is off and resumes recording when the shock sensor is triggered. When the shock sensor is triggered, the DVR records a 60-90 seconds video at 30 frames per second and then switches back to the standby mode. The shock sensor sensitivity can be adjusted from the menu and the new settings are applied only after the car engine is turned off. "Shock Sensor" 
The maximum current consumption in this mode is only 80 mA. 
The Gazer H714 DVR has a built-in microphone. To switch to the private mode, the microphone can be turned off by pressing a corresponding button on the DVR enclosure. Using the same button, you can easily enable the in-car audio recording function. 
Another Gazer H714 car DVR characteristic feature is its proprietary Gazer Player software designed for convenient management of video files on your computer. Gazer Player has the following main functions: enabling/disabling file protection against overwriting, 180° image rotation (when using the recorder in the upside-down position), G-sensor operation reproduction, restoration of files damaged by incorrect DVR shutdown, export of videos in AVI-format, and screen snapshots.