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Apple CarPlay 

Apple CarPlay is a new software that allows you to use your iPhones apps and features on your car's system. CarPlay also uses Siri as a voice command for sending messages, reading messages, setting destinations, and calling someone in your contacts. All this is specifically designed for driving scenarios and to let you concentrate on the road but also allows for using your Phone appropriately. 
Apple CarPlay is compatible with all the important iPhone apps such as: 
Maps- CarPlay can predict your destination based on address's found in your e-mail, text messages, contacts, and even calenders. You can also use Siri to say where it is your going, and maps will guide you there safely and quickly. 
Phone- Simply ask Siri and you can make calls, return missed calls and listen to voice-mails. 
Messages- Siri will read, reply and send messages on your behalf. For example, "Siri, tell Jane I'll be there in 30 minutes", and it's as easy as that. 
Music- You have the ability to access all your music from iTunes, Apple Music, and Spotify. Search for artists, albums, songs, see whats playing next, you can even ask Siri what song you want to play. 
Wireless CarPlay  
Now available on selected Kenwood and Pioneer units. 
Apple have introduced wireless CarPlay. Usually CarPlay requires your iPhone to be plugged in, but with wireless CarPlay you can connect wire free.  
Simple Connection 

Android Auto 

Android Auto is similar to Apple CarPlay relating to safety and features. It's also designed to minimize any distractions so that the driver is focused on the road. To use Android Auto you need an Android phone running 5.0 or higher. Once your phone is connected, it will display applications on the vehicle's screen and you're ready to go. 
Here are the most important features that Android Auto has to offer: 
Maps- Google Maps allows for easy commuting with free voice-guided navigation, live traffic information, lane guidance and much more. 
Music- Google Play Music has access to 40 million songs on demand, giving you unlimited streaming access on the road. 
Communication- Android Auto allows you to make calls, send messages and receive messages. 
Voice- Use your voice as the control fast and easy with voice recognition technology. 
Wireless Android Auto 
Now available on selected Kenwood and Pioneer units, customers have the chance to use Android Auto without having to connect via a USB cable. This doesn't change any of the features available to use, but it saves you time and effort without the requirement to plug your phone in. 
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