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H1 Cool Blue Intense

Replacement H1 Headlight Bulbs 
COOL BLUE INTENSE is the bluest road legal automotive bulb and allows you to upgrade to a light that is stylish and provides a bluish-white light similar to the light from Xenon HID headlights. COOL BLUE INTENSE produces a high contrast light similar to natural daylight. Its bluish-white light has a colour temperature of up to 4,200 Kelvin. These bulbs are also up to 20% brighter than standard bulbs, providing a high contrast illumination on the road ahead. As you would expect from such a stylish bulb then the H4 and H7 versions also come with a silver cap – adding an extra smart appearance to your headlights. The special blue coating will enhance the look of your headlamps. 
Twin Pack 
Product Number 64150CBI-HCB